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Information technology and information security integration according to the ISO/IEC 27013:2021 standard
Information technology and information security can be integrated according to the ISO27013: let's take a closer look at this standard.
Davide Micheli
22 Feb 2023 09:07 AM - Comment(s)
Privacy & Risk Management according to ISO/IEC 27557:2022
The ISO/IEC 27557:2022 standard on information security, cybersecurity and privacy protection offers us a framework for assessing the organizational privacy risk.
Davide Micheli
08 Feb 2023 07:00 AM - Comment(s)
GRC and Artificial Intelligence: a scenario
Artificial Intelligence is getting day after day more important for a lot of human activities: AI can add a lot of value also on the adoption of a smart GRC model for our business.
Davide Micheli
13 Dec 2022 12:19 PM - Comment(s)
GRC and data protection in Switzerland: the FADP/LPD Ordinance
The data protection in Switzerland and GRC: let's take a look together at the FADP ordinance.
itSMF Staff
18 Aug 2021 06:00 AM - Comment(s)