The value of ICT expertise guaranteed by our trusted partners, validated by itSMF

itSMF is a forward-thinking association dedicated to delivering maximum value to its community.
In addition to contents and events, it is possible to add value to the community members by offering ICT services in line with the association's vision and mission, proposed by valuable partners who provide highly targeted services to the community, guaranteed by itSMF
What is the Services Hub in a nutshell?

Service Hub is an aggregator of various turnkey and qualified digital services that itSMF partners, sector experts in digital and service management, offer to the community of members and affiliates at advantageous and exclusive prices and conditions.

What is the service hub from a partner point of view?

As a partner, you can offerthe unique valueof your product or service to our community, through a dedicated channel made up from professionals and enterprises that are looking for validated suppliers that work with values, objectives and principles of itSMF.
Services hub benefits from a partner point of view

» The opportunity to showcase your experience and professionalism in specific ICT themes and areas.
» A direct and targeted channel with the target audience of your product/service offered

» itSMF's guarantee as an association in the careful selection of valuable, concrete and usable services for the companies.

What is the service hub from an affiliated member point of view?

As an affiliate or member of our community, you will exclusively find the most innovative and valuable digitisation solutions, for your business, trusted by itSMF and in line with itSMF's vision and mission at unbeatable market conditions.

Services hub benefits from a partner point of view

» The opportunity to get in contact with potential partners and suppliers through the community in a trustworthy environment.
» The opportunity to choose your product/service at exclusive prices and conditions 

The values of trust and reliability guaranteed by itSMF

We are finally committed to developing the best environment for our partners and affiliates, where we enforce the development of relationships under the values of trust and reliability.



The itSMF Value Proposition

We are committed to developing awareness, in-depth knowledge and offering turnkey services to all C-level decision-makers in order to continuously improve the quality of overall IT services provided to the business.