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Advanced Sponsor

Herzum is an international consulting company, leader in Agile and DevOps and one of the largest Atlassian providers in the world. The group was created in March 2000 in Chicago, and has offices in Italy, India, and UK – and is busy expanding its geographical presence in 2016. Herzum is one of the few Atlassian Platinum Experts, a leading reseller of Atlassian products, and is well-known for its comprehensive Atlassian services. We provide state-of-the-art Agile and DevOps services, advanced enterprise-level consulting, as well as custom application development to companies around the world. Herzum handles projects and organizations from the startup phase to the Fortune 100 level.
Treedefi is a decentralized exchange with the goal to be a reference point in the new coming ESG Environment Social and Governance crypto market. Through the defi services offered by Treedefi, community members, users, and ESG enthusiasts can help the world change business models, making them compliant with ESG matters

Intermediate Sponsor

MGS provides professional services (advisory, training, GRC audit & business assurance)  to companies for compliance with legal, regulatory and technical standard requirements (e.g. for ICT context: privacy and data protection, IT services, information security, cybersecurity and cloud security, business continuity, digital innovation and sustainability, etc.).

Advanced CGS Group is the maker of CGS-One, AI based Corporate Governance Management Platform. It is effective for companies of any size, and encompasses all industries, such as finance, manufacturing and the public sector, being aware of the whole regulatory framework. Its integrated AI engine enables the rules automation and the effective decision-making processes with significant times and cost savings.


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We are committed to developing the awareness and in-depth knowledge in all enterprise "c-level" figures to continuously improve the quality of the IT services provided through the management of all IT tools and resources.