GRC and Artificial Intelligence: a scenario

13 Dec 2022 12:19 PM By Davide Micheli

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The growing role of Artificial Intelligence (AI) on our daily activities

It has been a long time we probably heard about the introduction of the first tools or platforms based on artificial intelligence to provide us some kind of «smart service».

The growing role of AI on our lives changed a lot of typical daily routine activities: we just can think about all the intelligent personal assistants on our smartphones or stuff like that we use to take advantage of on running the daily business as usual tasks.

As the impact of Artificial Intelligence on all human activities is getting bigger and deeper we used to think about in the first days of AI, we should consider that this improvement of the machine skills involves for sure the adoption of artificial intelligence on GRC solutions that can help the management of risks and compliance thanks to this «smart digitalization».

Artificial Intelligence as a smart resource to provide advanced GRC solutions

If we take a look at the GRC models (Governance, Risk Management and Compliance) we can easily figure out that we can consider them to some extent as the «engine» we can rely on when we need to manage any Model or Management System aimed to ensuring compliance with mandatory requirements:
  • Data protection and privacy related matters (EU GDPR or the Swiss FADP - known also as LPD and DSG);
  • Organization and Management Models Legislative Decree 231/01;
  • CE marking of medical devices pursuant to MDR 745/2017;
  • and many others mandatory requirements we should comply with.

Artificial Intelligence can help the compliance also with all the regulatory requirements we should consider for our business model. We can take here as example the ISO standards of the main management systems.

In order to understand better this kind of scenario of the AI role on GRC, let's take a look together at this infographic:
by Andrea Leonardi (VP of Minerva Group Service, MP of Alpemi Consulting & itSMF Swizerland board member).

As we can see, Artificial Intelligence is the «core» of our smart model of governance, risk management and compliance scenario.

The GRC in the Artificial Intelligence age

A the ending stage of our brief overview on AI in the GRC field, we can not lose sight of a relevant point: when artificial intelligence helps compliance, it also has relevant correlations with big data issues.

In this case, we can take as example those scenarios:

  • monitoring the reference context;
  • monitoring threats and vulnerabilities in risk management;
  • managing due diligence.

We can also find some correlations between artificial intelligence and business intelligence, taking these activities as example:

  • managing the feedback we get from users or customers (written content);
  • managing the archiving activities of pics (visual content);
  • improving security solutions based on facial recognition;

How can Artificial Intelligence add value in the compliance management of an organization?

In the context of the adoption of a GRC model by an Organization, there are various activities and processes that can be effectively supported by Artificial Intelligence: what about them?

We end our «overview on AI and GRC» with an open question: but you can rest assured that we are going to explore all the relevant aspects in our next posts. If you don't want to miss our updates on this topic, remember to:


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