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The itSMF Awareness Offer

We adopt all the successful methodologies to instill the best practises knowledge in end-to-end IT service lifecycle and we do it by involving more perspectives, oriented both to internal IT Staff and Management and to the influencing stakeholders to explain the IT function real potential and strategic role. 

The IT service quality should be supported and maintained at same level in all the value chain. The proposed arguments and contents in our events and social network are the result of a careful market research based on influential partners proposals and councils who help us to put forward the solutions to the market.

itSMF competences and experiences can be proficiently used to map the different methodologies between these adopted and those referred such as standard ISO/IEC, ISACA, PMI, ScrumAlliance, DevOps, VeriSM, Lean and Kanban, SAFe.


A seminar is academic instruction like event offered by a professional organization. It brings together small groups for recurring meetings, to focus on some particular subject, in which everyone attending is requested to participate.

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A workshop event, often used in B2B marketing environments, gives to the  attendees an hands-on experience with the treated subject matter. Workshop topics or themes are often specific to a certain industry or niche and are intensive.

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Key Notes

A keynote in public speaking is a talk that establishes a main underlying theme. In corporate or commercial settings, greater importance is attached to the delivery of a keynote speech or keynote fil-rouge address.

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Professional Networking

Professional networking helps to build relationships with other professionals. Networking also allows to foster relationships with others that are mutually beneficial to your knowledge, esperience and in your network.

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The itSMF Value Proposition

We are committed to developing the awareness and in-depth knowledge in all enterprise "c-level" figures to continuously improve the quality of the IT services provided through the management of all IT tools and resources.