SERVICES Consulting


The itSMF Consulting Services

Helped by our partners and sponsors we are able to support on the territory the enterprises to provide the best fit solutions to needs.

We are committed to listen carefully our stakeholders to quick understand the environmental factors to be able to adapt the right methodologies up to tools and framework.
We suggest all the best tools right to integrate, orchestrate and simplify the IT processes formerly evaluated and approved.

itSMF consulting concept surrounds the strategy and management to align the IT to the enterprises, to prepare and manage the change in order to meet the innovation results and suggest itSM professional figures and profiles to accomplish the specific requests.

Process Validation

A generic process validation is the collection and evaluation of data, from the, from process design stage throughout production, which establishes scientific evidence that a process is capable of consistently delivering quality products.

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Governance Models

Organize the management processes in a company, to give the board all the information it needs to put policies into practice. It also helps business units to conduct activities complaint with regulations and strategic goals

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Tailored Coaching

One-to-one coaching and training sessions, usually booked and carried out into companies upon request and built-up on specific and vertical requests to cover spotted and critical gaps which are not mapped into any lesson plan.

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Supervision & Management

An external matter expert engaged on call in a company to perform and auditing and overseeing task, to be managed with authority  and indipendently whose result should be discussed and analyzed by board members.

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The itSMF Value Proposition

We are committed to developing the awareness and in-depth knowledge in all enterprise "c-level" figures to continuously improve the quality of the IT services provided through the management of all IT tools and resources