itSMF Switzerland is a non-profit association, the national chapter of the only association, active since 1991, worldwide recognized on its commitment to promoting awareness and training IT professionals to improve the quality management of IT services.


We organize and participate in events such as seminars and workshops where we transmit the concepts, strategies and best practices applied to specific thematic areas of the IT world.


We organize events, conferences and round tables where the direct comparison of different experiences and skills creates a high added value to find concrete solutions.


We provide targeted consultancy in companies to carry out certification processes and to validate quality management processes and Service Management models.


We make our community aware of continuing education importance as a core engine for continuous improvement encouraging a training tailored to the specific needs.

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Welcome to itSMF Switzerland

itSMF Switzerland is a non-profit association, the national chapter of the only association active since 1991 and worldwide recognized on its commitment to promote awareness and training IT professionals to improve the quality management of IT services.

Our vision aims to create a community of specialists to refine and compare the management of IT services, develop and instill the discipline of Service Management in an increasingly strategic way to guide companies, through digital technologies, to deal with a challenges to meet present and future business needs.

The network for IT service management

The affiliation with itSMF, which collects more than 6,000 companies and 40,000 members worldwide, allows your access to free events and seminars, workshops and round tables at discounted prices and publications, documentation, case studies reserved for only members, perform training and certifications on advantageous terms.

ItSMF doesn’t aims to be a simple knowledge broadcaster instead an aggregator able to put in direct contact professionals and companies, solutions to real problems to obtain a concrete benefit in implementing the best practices of a government of IT services.

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Events, Conferences,Courses and Training

Workshops, seminars, roundtables, conferences, targeted courses, case studies and documentation, specialized consultancy are the activities that encompass the thematic areas and the main activities of the association thanks to highly qualified personnel and certified skills in the areas of IT governance, Service Management, Project Management, Cybersecurity and Risk Management.

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We are waiting for you to support us and become part of a community of experts who have the desire to grow constantly and give an increasingly strategic value to the IT function through a direct dialogue with major stakeholders; those who can finance IT projects to give a digital and innovative horizon to the business activities.

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