Information Security Incident Management according to the ISO/IEC 27035-1 standard

03 May 2023 07:00 AM By Davide Micheli

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The information security incident management process according to the ISO/IEC 27035-1

When it comes to thinking about an information incident response plan, a playbook, management framework or handling process it is probably common to take into consideration the ISO/IEC 27035-1:2016 standard on «Information technology — Security techniques — Information security incident management — Part 1: Principles of incident management».

ISO/IEC 27035-1:2016 is indeed the basis of this particular composite International standard on the information security incident management, where you can find essential concepts and the stages on handling this matter.

This ISO/IEC standard combines these concepts with principles giving us a guideline for a clearly defined approch to detecting, reporting, assesing and responding to incident and finally applying the lessons learned.

It is interesting to note that the principles suggested with ISO/IEC 27035-1:2016 can be applied to every organization, regardless its industry, size and nature. The organizations can manage the adjustement of the standard guidance according to their particular context and especially to their information security risk circumstances. This standard can be applied also to the organizations that provide external information security incident management services.

A closer look to the ISO/IEC 27035-1 standard on information security incident management

If you consider the ISO/IEC 27035-1:2016 approach on handling information security incident, you can notice that it includes the following steps:

Plan & Prepare

Detect & report

Evaluate & decide


Lesson learned

On suggesting the handling management process, this standard recalls moreover these ISO/IEC standards:

ISO 27035-2, standard that provides guidelines for incident response planning and preparedness.

ISO 27035-3, standard that provides guidelines for ICT incident response (detect and report, evaluate and decide, respond).

The incident management and the relation with the management systems standards

The «concept» of incident management it is indeed related to the following management systems:

IT Service Management Systems (ISO 20000-1 standard, Clause 8.6.1)

Information Security Management Systems (standard ISO 27001, Control 5.24, 5.25, 5.26, 5.27, 5.28)

Business Continuity Management Systems (ISO 22301 standard, Clause 8.4)

The incident management and the correlations with data breach requirements

If you think about information security incident management, you can of course immediately put it in direct correlation with the data breaches requirements set by the law on data protection as the European General Data Protection Regulation or the Swiss Federal Act on Data Protection.

The ISO/IEC27035-1:2016 standard on information security incident management

In order to understand better how to manage and adjust this ISO standard let's take a look at this infographic:
By Andrea Leonardi (VP @ Minerva Group Service, MP @ Alpemi Consulting & itSMF Swizerland board member).
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