itSMF Low Code Business Automation platform

Main advantages of itSMF Business Automation solution

Choose your right solution from the Zoho application bundle

Dramatically minimise adoption and time to market 

Project support and supervision of implementation process

Partner trusted and 100% guaranteed by itSMF service levels

Exclusive terms and conditions available only to itSMF club members

Win-win-win and transparency between partner, itSMF and affiliated member 


One platform, many applications, low code, no third parties, one goal: a rapid adoption!

Turnkey service solution proposed in collaboration with NextDeal - valued itSMF partner Zoho platform expert qualified and certified - the only One Application Ecosystem able to raise your business bar through a highly natively integrated platform that uses a low code approach to automate processes, fully compliant, with a great User eXperience, rapid adoption at the most affordable implementation and live costs.

​Why Zoho ecosytem?

ZOHO ONE is the richest and most complete no-code automation platform on the market, a bundle of over 55 applicationsto manage almost any business process.

We have directly experienced the power and usability of modern low-code automation platforms. We combined our experience and technological vision with the potential of the tools and we were so amazed that we decided to become a success story for the professional non-profit association sector (and in general every small company) that needs to streamline all administrative processes and focus on the front end, which is why we offer a turnkey service solution.

Reasons of why:

  • All ZOHO applications are highly customisable and therefore capable of building automated processes perfectly tailored to the needs of the company 
  • All ZOHO applications are natively integrated with each other and therefore capable of creating end-to-end processes with low integration/maintenance costs.
  • In ZOHO ONE, the 90% of automations can be created without programming code.
  • At the same time, the platform is capable and easy to use to develop extremely complex functions in code if required

Low Code based Business integration and automation service under the hood:

Most suitable areas and business processes for the introduction of low-code business automation

Engagement & Affiliation
Manage the entire customer journey of community members, from first contact to subscription, in a fully automated way and with a minimum of human resources time.
So you can spend your time on more important things.

Subscription & Financial Management
Manage the renewal and upgrade process by automating the sending of subscription invoices and registration receipts, integrating payment processes.
Reduce time spent on external financial manager support.

Digital & Social Marketing
How to have a quality website and blog, with a reserved area for the distribution of exclusive content.
All integrated with the most advanced analytics and monitoring tools.

Event Management

To effectively manage all the association's community activities in a fully integrated way, such as events, training courses, including registration, online payment, surveys and online/offline chat tools via bots.

​​Exclusive terms and conditions for itSMF Switzerland affiliated members

Exclusive for itSMF Switzerland affiliated members:

-12% on hourly rate for implementation!

What is the total cost? Why isn't the total price is mentioned? Cost will depend on what is integrated and implemented, but after a demo you will realize that you can spend much less than expected.

Free demo and high level requirements analysis with Definition of Done
Accurate Time and Material costs estimation at an hourly rate of 85 CHF
itSMF support in the design phase of Engagement, Affiliation, Subscription Management and Digital Marketing processes. A bundled platform is shown.

itSMF Switzerland affiliated members get an hourly rate of 75 CHF (discount of 10 CHF, approx. -12%) 

All costs quoted and mentioned are exclusive of VAT, please contact us to get all the more necessary information about this service, click on link below.