The management systems for artificial intelligence according to ISO 42001:2023

06 Mar 2024 02:25 PM By itSMF Staff

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ISO 42001 standard: the management systems for AI

The recent ISO 42001:2023 standard on Information Technology Artificial Intelligence Management Systems contains a series of tools that are useful for organizations looking for implementing security, protection, equity, transparency and data quality data for AI-based products or services.

This standard provides in particular the requirements for implementing an Artificial Intelligence Management Systems – aka «AIMS» – that is able to keep up along the entire «life cycle» of AI products or products.

In other words, ISO 42001 is useful during development, supply, use and monitoring of a product (or service even) that embeds artificial intelligence features.

The ISO 42001 standard and its HLS structure

We should keep in mind that the ISO 42001 standard implements the typical ISO High Level Structure – (HLS) – that is common to all the ISO management Systems.

In particular, we can find out that the clause 8. – on «Operation» – is divided into the following requirements:

✅ 8.1 Operational planning and control

✅ 8.2 AI Risk Assessment

✅ 8.3 Treatment of AI risk

✅ 8.4 Impact assessment of the AI ​​system

The ISO 42001 standard: our infographic on requirements

The requirements specified on ISO 42001 standard are listed between the clauses 4 and 10, as it is common along the management systems standards.

To better figure out  the «big picture», take a look at our infographic:

By Andrea Leonardi (VP @ Minerva Group Service, MP @ Alpemi Consulting & itSMF Swizerland board member).
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