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01 May 2020 08:00 AM By itSMF Staff

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itSMF Switzerland and the new partnerships for the future of IT professionals

itSMF's numbers continue to grow in Switzerland thanks to our savvy work on territory which is validated also by additional strategic partnerships. We are proud to announce the achieved agreement with SMFS (Service Management Forum Switzerland), Glenfis AG and ICMF (Information Center und IT-Services Managers Forum Schweiz) this collaboration are going to expand our presence in national German side and enforce the events and contents proposal to improve the community and network development. This virtual team has been built up collaborating over topics treatment, new events coordination and structured support of every initiative.

All for one and one for all, this is our mantra we use to dare with digital transformation and revolution.

Nothing can be introduced into enterprise if is not well governed from beginning and aligned to business needs at market velocity.

Who is SMFS?

The "Service Management Forum Switzerland" SMFS is a forum for the service management community in Switzerland. Today, the exchange of experience is more necessary than ever. Business processes and information technologies are undergoing major changes.

New technologies such as Cloud Computing, Artificial Intelligence or Internet of Things IoT enable new and changed products and services. In addition, new agile methods and models help to implement changes faster, more stable and secure. By means of a service management discipline geared to this transformation of companies and the IT organization, quality, added value and customer experience for customers and users are to be ensured.

SMFS want to further promote and network Switzerland's service management community through specialist presentations, keynote speeches, discussion forums and a specialist exhibition of solutions and products. 
In addition, the most innovative service management solutions and projects will be honoured and presented with a "Service Management Switzerland Award".

Who is Glenfis AG?

Glenfis understands itself as a holistic integrator and advisor of the digital transformation process. The joint development of future-oriented Operating models enable our customers to plan, implement, provide and operate their services safely and with added value.

Knowledge. Proficiency. Implementation. In this manner, we make our customers fit for the demands that the paradigm shift from technology to service-oriented IT management demands of their company.

Who is ICMF/its?

«ICMF/its – Swiss Information Center and Service Managers Forum - is a Swiss NPO based in Zurich with members of SME, governmental organizations or international companies. For our members, we offer a platform to exchange knowledge and 3 annual events to meet and network. Our afternoon events offer contemporary presentations from theory and practice by proven experts on IT planning, IT and business development, IT operations, project management covering exciting topics on IT Data Centers, Cloud, and IT Service Management.» Be there or be square!

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