How to transform an IT Organization

07 Oct 2015 11:34 AM By itSMF Staff

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IT Organization: can be changed in a simple way?

Nowadays changing and improving the IT through the new technologies implementation could be "relative" simple.

CIO should decide what challenge wants to pursue, or what kind of goal would to add in objectives alignment matrix at IT side, choosing between Cloud models, Big Data, BYOD, software defined architecture or 3D printing just to pick-up a little bit of new trends.

Obviously I speak about a CIO that has the leadership to argue with the board and the decision making levels to do. Changing an IT organizational model is the most big challenge for CIO because it goes normally in wrong direction of human technology-driven perception.

The IT organizational change intervention areas represents the typical four aspect of Balanced Scorecards: Customer satisfaction, Processes, People and growth, Financial.

What are the trigger of this change?

As a paradox, an IT organizational transformation could start by technologies goals, what new technologies the CIO wants to aim, to bet for the future. 

An Organizational model could be designed to well sustain and support the implementation of future new technologies but the strategy should also drives the challenge by own goals: "We need a new IT Organizational Model able to improve the people involvement, able to optimize the financial resource, able to meet the stakeholders needs around a well defined and measured processes". 

The principles and the implementation master process of a new organizational model spin around the gap analysis concept where the CIO might have clear in mind the future vision (trivial to say hard to think and to do).

  • Commodity or business added value department?
  • Spending review or investment and profit area?
  • Processes over the people or people able to orchestrate a well defined bounce of processes?
  • Compliance or performance?

People have to be motivated during the transition through a well structured new Organizational Chart, skills and job descriptions, RACI matrix and training.

Leadership and communication style are the level to support the step-by-step change path.

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