DevOps: buzz of today or future trend to overkill a developer?

15 Mar 2015 11:37 AM By itSMF Staff

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DevOps: is here to stay and redesign the developers environment?

All that they want is a full stack developer”.

Paraphrasing the lyrics of a 90's dance hit, I start this article just with the end credits. 

DevOps is the acronym of “Developers and Operations”, this "school of thinking" born few years ago as branch of Agile Software Development aiming to enhance the cooperation between developers and Service Operation personnel. 

The developers are stressed by hyper-interactions of Agile release processes and their time boxing flows to produce software artefacts then services able to perform as soon as quickly in terms of performance and quality assurance, the operation team overwhelmed instead by early life support and operational service desk support.

In one word: philosophy. We know nowadays all the benefits and pitfalls that Agile bring in, or better, we should able to do. Put our attention for a while to the last ones, QA (Quality assurance) is a big assumption by development team, there are no processes and best practises to manage this and the team have no time to do during the sprints.

Who does take in charge QA, Service Operations by supporting Developers?

DevOps could be a way to try to cover the short blanket of Agile Software Development's approach. By this way, DevOps is closely related to Agile and ITIL mainly over Transition and Operation life-cycle process areas. You imaging to be in a start-up company or in a small developing team, often virtualized over a spanned in a follow-the-sun organization. 

The full stack developer, what the companies want, is a “flexible” fellow able to develop following the Agile methodologies, tools and techniques.

He also must be able to design applications in a responsive way, able to manage all the project in charge, able to master all data layer, able to keep track of releases and able to be the Service Operation Manager for the early life support and also for the first, second escalation support levels and over.

Oh, what I was forgetting, also he should be able to develop over a more spanned platform the nowadays market requests. 

What else? No doubt, too many hats over his head, ain't you think they are falling down? 
Do we really want to kill the developer figure?

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