itSMF Switzerland is a professional forum whose mission is to disseminate and transmit the service management culture for maximum credibility, visibility and functionality of the IT function with the aim to support business development through digital technology and the following services throughout Switzerland


We organize and participate in events such as seminars and workshops where we transmit the concepts, strategies and best practices applied to specific thematic areas of the IT world.

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  • workshop
  • key notes
  • social networking
  • documentation
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We organize events, conferences and round tables where the direct comparison of different experiences and skills creates a high added value to find concrete solutions.

  • conferences
  • round tables
  • study cases
  • successful cases
  • blogging
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We provide targeted consultancy in companies to carry out certification processes and to validate quality management processes and Service Management models.

  • process validation
  • governance models
  • supervision & management
  • company certification
  • paths and strategies
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We make our community aware of continuing education importance as a core engine for continuous improvement encouraging a training tailored to the specific needs.

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  • online courses
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  • certifications
  • holdings
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We adopt all the successful methodologies to spread the best practises knowledge in IT service lifecycle area.

We try to find it in the best way involving more perspectives, both oriented to internal IT staff and C-level management and influencing stakeholders to explain the real potential and strategic role of IT function in overall enterprise boundary and following the whole supply chain from supplier to consumers.

The IT service quality should be supported and maintained in all the chain in equal value. The topics and arguments of our events and social contents are the result of a careful market research and influential partners proposals and councils who help us to put forward the solutions the companies want.

The service management and IT governance could be adapted to a many IT-related areas such as quality, agility, security, management and leadership, project management, development and integration just to say some of most importants.
Although itSMF is inspired to Axelos world and its methodologies and best practises portfolio is able to propose all the best recognized and adopted methodologies in the market with a great focus to evolutions and trends.
Axelos proposes ITIL for Service Management, Prince2 for Project Management with a strong evolution and interest to Agile world, Resilia for resiliency to cyber security treathes.

itSMF competences and experiences might can be proficiently used to map the different methodologies between these adopted and those referred such as standard ISO/IEC, ISACA, PMI, ScrumAlliance, DevOps, VeriSM, Lean and Kanban.

The comparison method is always on thanks to our blog and social contents, from which could be raised some interesting solution cues to problems and new trends launch. This resumes and extends our specific events.

The comparison is always born by our community of professionals, partners and member affiliates, to which we give the chance deven to be leading actors in order to propose any interesting topic in vogue in the enterprises where they have to deal with such as obtain a quality standard, be compliant to a new specific regulation or simply improve their performance in some strategic services.
Round tables are the best place to present issues, exchange assumptions and opinions, permit all attendees to be prepared to actively contribute finding right solutions that each other looks for.

Our round tables receive the enterprise which better representing the most important territorial product sectors.

The documentation realized as case and success study will be published in the protected area for affiliated and members.

From comparison we try to give all the our potential and added value able to differentiate the way we deal with the arguments.

With help of our partners and sponsor we are able to support on the territory the enterprises to provide you the best fit solution to your needs.

We are committed to listen carefully our stakeholders to quick understand the environmental factors to be able to adapt the right methodologies up to tools and framework.
We suggest all the best tools right to integrate, orchestrate and simplify the IT processes formerly evaluated and approved.

itSMF consulting concept surrounds the strategy and management to align the IT to the enterprises, to prepare and manage the change in order to meet the innovation results and suggest itSM professional figures and profiles to accomplish the specific requests.

itSMF also suggest to agree on site “discovery day” to meet the stakeholders and analyze the requirements, organize a tailored workshop to obtain change consensus, steer and control from outside, if requested, the itSM projects.
Our unbiased expert judgement is valuable to approve and validate processes and innovation projects using digital technologies.

The vision of itSMF aims to help and support our member affiliates and professionals to undertake training and certification paths using our professional.
By this way the competence of our partners and sponsors is the master key to instill the culture of “know by learning” able to cover all the present and upcoming lacks of knowledge.
We organize also advanced courses and seminars to transfer all the specific competence to the specific arguments.

We identify the training as the final and most important brick to carry on professionals and companies to growth way.

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