To give efficiency and effectiveness to its work, itSMF needs the support of technological and territorial partners able to give added value to organization, communication, tailor-made consulting and accredited training. We have the pleasure to support our experiences with your skills to offer the maximum human potential we can do.
A great teamwork to obtain our goals in all the Switzerland.


Promoters of Switzerland's service management community network

SMFS is a forum for the service management community in Switzerland. Today, the exchange of experience is more necessary than ever from business processes to new information technologies.
While new agile methods and models help to implement changes faster, more stable and secure,  added value to customers is ensured by means of a service management discipline.


Digital trasformation holistic integrator and advisor

The joint development of future-oriented Operating models enable our customers to plan, implement, provide and operate their services safely and with added value.
Knowledge. Proficiency. Implementation. In this manner, Glenfis make our customers fit for the demands that the paradigm shift from technology to service-oriented IT management demands of their company


Swiss Information Center and Service Managers Forum

«ICMF/its is a Swiss NPO based in Zurich with members of SME, governmental organizations or international companies, we offer a platform to exchange knowledge and 3 annual events to meet and network. Our afternoon events offer contemporary presentations from theory and practice by proven experts on IT planning, IT and business development, IT operations, project management covering exciting topics on IT Data Centers, Cloud, and IT Service Management.» Be there or be square!


IT Professional and managed services

Itecor aligns IT Systems with the strategic and operational needs of the business to fit the company’s performance in a client-focused, innovative and committed way.


Since 20 years in Switzerland the Professional IT partner

Cerfi with more than 110 professional employees is one of the most important IT Service company. Our vision is oriented to provide services to our customer in a simple way.



Strategic support, marketing, branding and technical-promotional development

We use the newest Modern Selling methodologies, totally based on digital technology solutions, we provide through intervention in the company, webinars and training one to one.

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