The community of Service Management Professionals

itSMF Switzerland is a no-profit association since 1998 to develop the best practises of end-to-end IT service management life-cycle using training, sharing of experiences and competences, definition of awareness level to improve continuously the quality of provided IT services.

Our commitment aims to create a community of professionals to broadcast the subject of IT Service Management in a strategic way to steer and support the enterprises, through digital technologies, to deal with the actual and future challenges to accomplish the business needs.

Philosophy and objectives

We are inspired by Axelos world, from which are recognized as the solely worldwide association able to operate in the adoption of the best practises, project management methodologies, IT services life-cycle management, resilience to cyber security threats and proactive approach to risks management to support the enterprises to growth and become more efficient and effective on information technologies utilization.
The local chapters, distributed on large scale, allow to propagate a common and comprehensive language able to guide the management decision to reach a coherent and shareable direction.

Dialog and discussion

Continuous improvement

Expertise and training

A productive and practical approach

To give the right value to the IT investments, in terms of quality, utility and financial availability the enterprises, to fit the own peculiar needs, should embrace a right level of awareness, training and adoption of a common sense of methodologies, solution proposals to real problems and a clear strategic vision as a result of shared and evaluated experiences, success cases of a growing group of professionals.

You take part to events and seminars free of charge, workshops and round tables at discounted price, see publications, documents and case studies for you reserved, access to training and certification path with facilitating.

itSMF is able to grouping IT professionals and consulting companies.

Its natural aggregator role aims to create the ideal marketing conditions for one-to-one contacts and deals, developed by exchange of opinions and arguments, sharing of ideas, methodologies and competences.
This approach is opposed to the traditional marketing where the sales force use to merely propose products and solutions.

Contributing to itSMF group territorial consolidation bring your company and professionals to operate in an innovative way, to let choose and be chosen as the right partner. Permit your company to seat in business class.

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