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itSMF Switzerland is a non-profit association, the national chapter of the only association, active since 1991, worldwide recognized on its commitment to promoting awareness and training IT professionals to improve the quality management of IT services.
ItSMF doesn’t aims to be a simple knowledge broadcaster instead an aggregator able to put in direct contact professionals and companies, solutions to real problems to obtain a concrete benefit in implementing the best practices of a government of IT services.

Be part of a sectorial community of experts gives you the possibility to keep updated and to move with the times, actively participating to markets trends and be able to apply these to the business world.
With our services definition model we walk the whole supply chain to support professionals and enterprise to reach out their own targets.

Within our “mobile-first” innovative website and brand new modern communication model you can fill up the web forms which drive our specific request straight to us whenever you are and whatever you want.
It doesn’t matter you are potential partner, member or sponsor or a simply interested to our world, you are important for us and we’re happy to get in touch with you.

Our events are realized to accomplish an high quality standing of contents and require a mandatory subscription.
Our sponsor are aware to give solutions to issues using contents, not selling their service catalogues.
The whole attendees are freedom to seat in first class to our events and obtain the quality of knowledges. For this reason they are aware to pay the price.
Be our subscriber or sponsor allows you to access our events at half price discount and obtain more.

itSMF is the solely neutral association in Switzerland born to create a professional network of experts in IT Service Management and IT governance.
In the today’s business and even more in the future everything digital is provided as a service from IT professionals. We stay there acting as a glue in our natural role between technologies and needs, innovations and business expectations.

Our professional role bring us to stay ahead of the game.
Cover our national territory with its unique language peculiarities is a strong work no one has.

In the whole site you can use the specific webforms able to vehiculate your specific requests to our attention and reply. Follow the call-to-action communication and get in touch with us.

You can be itSMF Switzerland subscriber as a affiliated member and sponsor. Each option offers you different quality packages with more activities and facilities.
More info on BECOME MEMBER and BECOME SPONSOR pages and sections.

Normally all the subscription are annual long without any legal constraint. Be part of itSMF is free and should be driven by your interests and our value.

Any interesting professional or enterprise can be our subscriber, we control the subscription data to guarantee a qualified CRM database.
itSMF world is based on relationship, IT passion and culture, if you and your company is identified on it, you are welcome!

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